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Oneing .... Prayer and Unlearning

Oneing .... Prayer and Unlearning


About me and contact info

Who am I?

My name is Wyn Beynon. I was born in Llanelli, South Wales, in 1954. I am married to Melissa and between us we have 5 children with their partners and 5 grandchildren.

I was baptized in St Illtyd's Church, Penbre (Pembrey), Carmarthenshire in November 1954. That marked the start of my journey with God, which had actually begun at the foundation of the universe. My baptism was the celebration both of my Oneing with Christ and the beginning of the Holy Spirit's work of sanctification as the God of love led me along the road home.

I grew up on farms in Wales and England.

I was confirmed in the Diocese of Oxford in 1967 and that service stays with me. I remember the Bishop of Buckingham, who confirmed me, asked all the confirmands to remember a Bible verse.  I always have. It was Luke 22.19. "This is my body, given for you".  

After training as a teacher I was called to the priesthood and ordained Deacon in 1981 and Priest in 1982 in Llandaff Cathedral.

I have served in the dioceses of Llandaff -  (Church in Wales) and in Bristol, St Albans, and Worcester (Church of England).

I have spent my ministry mostly in rural and small town parishes, although for the first 7 years I was in the coal mining communities of South Wales before the mines all closed.

Currently I am Rector of 5 village communities in Worcestershire, looking to retire in summer 2021.

I have no special expertise in spirituality (or anything else!) just a passion to unlearn the stuff that bogus religion and the accidents of life have fooled me into believing and so travel a little bit further along the Way of Christ and grow my soul, which is, by grace, already oned with God!

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Phone & email:  The Revd Canon Wyn Beynon

01527 832501    or    07595313035     

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